May: A movie about making friends

When I first saw advertisements for the movie May, I didn’t know what to make of it. I decided to check it out since I always enjoy a good movie where the main character loses their sanity.  After I watched it I found myself having a great time.  I enjoyed the overall creepiness of the movie and how much I was able to relate to the main character.

The plot is about a woman named May (played by Angela Bettis) who was traumatized as a child due to the fact she had a lazy eye and was unable to make any friends.  Her only friend was a doll her mother gave her as a birthday gift.  The focus is on her during present times as she now works as a veterinarian and still has a difficult time making friends.  The feeling of loneliness starts to weigh in on May as she fails with each person she comes in contact with.  It pushes her to a point where she finally begins to snap.

This movie does a great job of handling such a relatable subject as you find yourself sympathizing with May.  I also liked how innocent they made her from the beginning of the movie to the climax where she is portrayed more as a victim rather than a murderer.  She acts weird and does weird things, but there isn’t any real malice behind it.

Even at the climax where she starts to kill people, you still feel sorry for her.  Behind it all, May just wants someone that understands her and would want to be her friend, which is something we can all relate to. What I also like about the movie is how the more violent scenes have little to no music in the background which, as I mentioned in previous posts, is a good way to raise tension.

The movie also reminded me of the movie Carrie.  It had a similar plot of a weird girl trying to make friends, but doesn’t and kills people at the end.  Only instead of telekinesis, knives are used.

For Director Lucky McKee, part of the inspiration behind the film came from the times he felt loneliness and that it is a topic that everyone can relate to.  It was also heavily influenced by the works of Italian Director Dario Argento.  In an interview with Bettis, the making of May involved becoming familiar with the character and being able to map out the arc.  This was also the first time Bettis was able to work with someone her own age.

I can understand why this movie can be a hit or miss with some people since the ending can be hard to understand.  Personally, I find that it fits with the movie’s theme as it shows the completed circle of the main character’s insanity.  Overall, the movie is a fun ride into madness that can bring up emotion.  It is also a good portrayal of how the feeling of loneliness can push a person to do the most unspeakable things imaginable.