Top 5 Horror Movie Monsters

A list of the most memorable/terrifying monsters in the horror movie history:

  1. Crawlers from the movie “The Descent (2006)”: Nothing says claustrophobia than being stuck in a small cave with no lights and monsters all around you. These creatures live underground  completely adapted to the dark and driven by instinct which doesn’t sit well with these group of friends as they are trapped during a cave expedition.  The crawlers add to the tension as they hide in the darkness ready to make their move.
  1. Alien queen from the movie “Aliens (1986)”: This is one mom you do not want to mess with as she is 100 feet tall, has acid blood, and an army of alien monsters ready to kill anything that moves. When watching the movie “Aliens” you see Ripley and the gang try to escape the colony based on the planet from the first movie as it is infested with aliens or Xenomorphs.  The whole time it makes you think where all these aliens came from that question is answered at the climax as the Alien queen makes her appearance.  This creature demonstrates the darkside of motherhood as the mother will do whatever it takes to protect her children.
  1. The Thing from the movie “The Thing (1982)”: Known simply as the Thing, this alien shape shifter serves as the antagonist to R.J. MacReady and his crew throughout the movie. With the ability to copy any living being it comes in contact with it gives a whole the new meaning to the word paranoid as each crew member is left questioning who’s who.  It also puts time at risk as the crew must find and destroy the creature quickly before the creature can escape affect the rest of the world.
  1. The Babadook from the movie “The Babadook (2014)”: A recent addition to the list we have the Babadook.  Although it has a funny name this monster is one you should not underestimate. It uses a children’s book to make it’s appearance and will never leave once it does.  It hides in the darkness and makes you question your own reality as it did for Amelia and her son.   It will haunt you for the rest of your life as the movie quotes, “If it’s in a word, if it’s in a book you can’t get rid of the Babadook.”
  1. Brundle Fly from the movie “The Fly (1986)”: The horrors of science come alive as the Brundle fly takes the top of the list.  Seth Brundle was a brilliant inventor who created teleport pods to revolutionize travel.  An accident happens when a fly lands in one of the pods with Brundle and its DNA fuses with him. This creates a hybrid monstrosity as you witness Brundle’s hideous transformation from man to fly as well as his mental breakdown as he try to find a cure.  From the horrifying appearance to the tragedy that follows you’ll never look at flies the same way again.

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