What’s on this week…

I just watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead and being shocked is an underestimate.  If you haven’t seen it go check it out!


Top 5 Horror Movie Monsters

A list of the most memorable/terrifying monsters in the horror movie history:

  1. Crawlers from the movie “The Descent (2006)”: Nothing says claustrophobia than being stuck in a small cave with no lights and monsters all around you. These creatures live underground  completely adapted to the dark and driven by instinct which doesn’t sit well with these group of friends as they are trapped during a cave expedition.  The crawlers add to the tension as they hide in the darkness ready to make their move.
  1. Alien queen from the movie “Aliens (1986)”: This is one mom you do not want to mess with as she is 100 feet tall, has acid blood, and an army of alien monsters ready to kill anything that moves. When watching the movie “Aliens” you see Ripley and the gang try to escape the colony based on the planet from the first movie as it is infested with aliens or Xenomorphs.  The whole time it makes you think where all these aliens came from that question is answered at the climax as the Alien queen makes her appearance.  This creature demonstrates the darkside of motherhood as the mother will do whatever it takes to protect her children.
  1. The Thing from the movie “The Thing (1982)”: Known simply as the Thing, this alien shape shifter serves as the antagonist to R.J. MacReady and his crew throughout the movie. With the ability to copy any living being it comes in contact with it gives a whole the new meaning to the word paranoid as each crew member is left questioning who’s who.  It also puts time at risk as the crew must find and destroy the creature quickly before the creature can escape affect the rest of the world.
  1. The Babadook from the movie “The Babadook (2014)”: A recent addition to the list we have the Babadook.  Although it has a funny name this monster is one you should not underestimate. It uses a children’s book to make it’s appearance and will never leave once it does.  It hides in the darkness and makes you question your own reality as it did for Amelia and her son.   It will haunt you for the rest of your life as the movie quotes, “If it’s in a word, if it’s in a book you can’t get rid of the Babadook.”
  1. Brundle Fly from the movie “The Fly (1986)”: The horrors of science come alive as the Brundle fly takes the top of the list.  Seth Brundle was a brilliant inventor who created teleport pods to revolutionize travel.  An accident happens when a fly lands in one of the pods with Brundle and its DNA fuses with him. This creates a hybrid monstrosity as you witness Brundle’s hideous transformation from man to fly as well as his mental breakdown as he try to find a cure.  From the horrifying appearance to the tragedy that follows you’ll never look at flies the same way again.

Babadook: the modern day boogeyman

When I first heard about The Babadook I decided to watch it out of curiosity.  I didn’t expect the haunting atmosphere along with a monster that would give me nightmares for days.  It was both a surprising and pleasant experience.

The plot revolves around Amelia (played by Essie Davis) a widowed mother who struggles to raise her son Samuel (played by Noah Wiseman) when a book titled The Babadook appears at their doorstep, and the situation goes from bad to worse.  The movie shines with its characters as you believe the mother’s distress as she tries to take care of her son, and strange things start to happen. The scenes where the monster ,the Babadook, appears are great too as there is little sound and plenty of tension build up as you wait for it to strike.

The film is an expansion of Australian Director Jennifer Kent’s short “Monster” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. In an interview, Kent said the film is about facing your inner demons and how repressing them damages you.  We see this in the film as anxiety starts to build up in Amelia as she tries to keep quiet about what is happening to her and her son. Overall it has a good set up, convincing characters and a monster that leaves a lasting impression.

Halloween is coming and I am ecstatic to see shows such as American Horror Story and Sleepy Hollow make their come back.  I also have taken a look at the new show Scream Queens although it’s no AHS it’s still a fun watch in its own quirky way.

Maniac: A look into the mind of a killer

What makes Maniac so unique is that the entire film you see what the protagonist sees.  This is a technique in the filming called point of view (POV) where the film is shown through the first person perspective of the main character.  This type of filming can be seen in movies such as documentaries, mockumentaries, and found footage films.  The movie uses this technique in a more cryptic sense as it uses it to watch through the eyes of a killer of a horror movie.  The killer ,played by Elijah Wood, is a man named Frank who runs his mother’s mannequin shop.  At first he gives the appearance of being a nice guy.  It is when we get more in to the movie that we see this is not the case as his true nature is revealed as you witness first hand him murdering his victims.  What makes this movie more creepy is the type of person the character portrays.  We all have seen lonely people that we want to feel sympathy for, but can’t help to feel cautious around.

In an interview the movie’s director Franck Khalfoun talks about how he wanted to take the “nice guy” image of Wood and use it as to make a more fearful killer.  He explains that Wood’s character can draw people in and make them feel safe until it’s too late. There is a scene near the end of the movie that gives the best example as Frank (Wood’s character) talks to a woman name Anna (played by Nora Arnezeder) who he befriends earlier in the movie and comforts her after finding out her friend is missing.  The entire scene we see the change in Frank’s character and the atmosphere of the scene as Anna starts to realize that he is not what he seems.

In the movie Frank uses online dating to find new victims which is more realistic compared to other films where the killer usually finds it victims in some random forest or abandon hospital.  Which makes the situation more unsettling toward the viewer as it hits a little too close to home. Elijah Wood explained that he felt excited to play this role, and the fact that it is filmed in POV was more interesting and creative as the whole movie is seen through the killer.  He was fascinated by how it can make the audience feel uncomfortable while watching it.  The movie is a remake of the 1980 Maniac directed by William Lustig.  The remake is set closer to present time, and unlike the original which was set in New York the remake is set in Los Angeles. Although this movie is a remake of a classic, it adds its’ own frightening spin as it dives inside the mind of a sick man.  All and all it definitely deserves a look at.